Panels and Events

As convention coordinators and veteran panel hosts,

Panel Geeks has extensive experience planning custom events as well as dynamic panels and presentations that will have your attendees and guests talking long afterwards!

Here are some examples of the programming we can bring to your event!

YURI!!! on ICE Ice Cream Social

*One of our most popular events*

We host a viewing party of the popular anime, Yuri on Ice!!(We also provide ice cream treats to help our guests get into the mood!) 

Panel Geeks provides the ice cream, decor, as well as gift bags for all in attendance.

Girls' Love for Fans of Boys' Love

We introduce fans of M/M romance to a selection of F/F romance stories that range from sweet to spicy(something for everyone). This panel is aimed to help fans of yaoi expand their reading to yuri and lesbian romance. 

How to Set Up a Vendors Table

We give some of our tips we've learned from over 10 years of convention selling as well as retail merchandising. Let us help you set up your space to attract customers and increase your sales!

How to Finish Your Fanfiction

Have quite a few unfinished fanfics sitting in your notebooks and your computer? We can help with some tips to finish your fanfics and keep your reviewers/followers happy.

 Ask about our custom panel/event services! 

Diversity in Comics

(Both Western Comics and Anime/Manga Editions are available)

Join us as we discuss representation in animation and comics. We explore highlight characters(as well as creators) that personify POC, Strong Women, LGBTQ+, variety of body types, as well as religious representation. It is important that the media we consume represents everyone.